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Do you have a pest problem now? We can HELP! We offer affordable solutions that really work.

EMS offers all types of pest control, from ant problems to wildlife pests, we know how much of a pain these situations can be!  And every day you wait can make pests even harder to eradicate. Whatever your pest problem, from rodents to ants to bees, we have the right pest removal tools to resolve your situation quickly and humanely. We offer integrated pest control and exterminator solutions that work.

Every home is unique as are its pest problems.  That’s why we offer a customized pest control solution to EVERY situation we encounter.  We turn your pest problem into a pest solution! Rest assured that customer satisfaction and environmental friendliness are our focus on every job!

We use Eco-friendly products when possible or upon request.  We feel that using low impact pest removal methods is the key to preserving the natural environment around your home or business.  Our methods and the products we use are effective and industry proven. All our products contain EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved materials.

For Portland pest control and exterminator services - AND surrounding areas - look no further than EMS!



Need a Quality Portland Exterminator?

We offer Guaranteed service (3-12 months) and no contractual comittments!

Rather than simply scratching the surface of your pest problem, we focus on getting to the root causes and eliminating them from the source. This is our service guarantee.Portland Pest Control sign

The technicians at EMS have years of industry experience and are trained in the latest methods of pest management and pest control.  Using modern Eco-friendly methods and products, EMS Pest Control will leave your home and environment undamaged and, most importantly, PEST FREE. Looking for a Portland Exterminator with environmental maintenance in mind? You've come to the right place! 

All EMS Pest Control products and services carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee so contact us today!  Fill out our customer evaluation form or call for immediate service.